Six processes of glass molding


  • Jul 2, 2018


The forming of glass is the process of transforming molten glass into inherent geometry. There are many ways to form glass, such as pressing, blowing, drawing, depressing, casting and so on.


A repressive method

Pressing method: injection of molten glass into the mold, placing the die ring, pressing the punch, forming a product between the punch and the die ring and the model.

Technological process:



The shape is accurate, the outside pattern products are simple and the production capacity is high.


1. The inner cavity of the product should not be enlarged downward, otherwise the punch can not be removed, and the side wall of the inner cavity can not be convex or concave.

2, it is impossible to produce products with thin wall and long inner cavity in the vertical direction.

3, the product surface is not smooth, often spots and mold joints;

Applications: solid and hollow glass products, glass tiles, water cups, vases, tableware, etc.