The performance and style of glass brick


  • Aug 16, 2018


Glass brick has good fire resistance and fire resistance. According to Japanese regulations, single-layer walls are recognized as having the same performance as type B fire doors, and double-layer walls are recognized as having an hour of fire resistance. Glass brick bathroom lighting, saving electricity, allowing you to bathe in the sun. Each glass brick is partially hollow, insulating from external heat, flame and noise. In addition, glass brick brings the kitchen bright and transparent, transparent glass brick allows sunlight to enter, save energy.

Glass brick styles are transparent glass brick, fog glass brick, grain glass brick, glass brick, the type of glass brick, the degree of refraction of light will be different. There are many colors to choose from glass brick.

The purity of glass will affect the color of the whole brick, the higher the purity of glass brick, the higher the relative price.

Undyed transparent glass brick, if the purity is not enough, its glass brick color will be green, lack of natural transparency.